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We manufacture and sell nougat all year round, and we also make it easy to buy nougat online so that you can enjoy it at home or at the office. Do not worry about anything else and enjoy our excellent products.

Buy the best handmade nougat in our online shop.

You can buy a wide and exquisite variety of nougat directly from our online shop, from classic soft and hard nougat to classic almond and exclusive pistachio nougat. On the other hand, you can also find our so-called bakery nougat, which features coconut, egg yolk, fruit and marzipan nougats. Our new nougat or semi-hard, with a multitude of exotic flavors or the traditional chocolate or brittle nougat. In this section you can see all our varieties to choose your favorite.

We produce the finest quality nougat at low prices.

Our years of experience have earned us a reputation as master nougat makers. The integration of new technologies in a very traditional market makes it possible for you to purchase our products from your own home in the easiest and most comfortable way, and all with a full guarantee.

From our factory to your home. Our nougats are made and delivered to your home without intermediaries. In this way we ensure that our nougat reaches your home with the maximum freshness and quality.