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The process of making marzipan is slow and laborious, as it involves many steps. First, we choose the ingredients, then we make the dough which we then shape, and finally we pack our marzipans one by one so that they do not lose their properties.

Online sale of different types and flavors of marzipan at the best price.

At our online shop you will find a wide range of handcrafted marzipans at the best price. Made by hand following the recipe of our grandparents.

This traditional candy recipe is made by mixing sugar and raw peeled almonds in equal proportions. Once crushed, it is mixed until a uniform texture is obtained. Once the dough has rested and is consistent, it is shaped. In the case of filled marzipan, the filling is added, and as a final step, it is painted with egg yolk and baked.

You can buy all kinds of handmade marzipan at our online shop: marzipan in various shapes, marzipan 'saint's bones' (egg yolk-filled), Cadiz-style bread (candied fruit marzipan, egg yolk cake...

Discover all the traditional marzipan that Sabor a España offers:

  • Marzipan figurines: this is the traditional marzipan with no filling. It is shaped into small figures of different shapes that can be eaten individually.
  • Assorted marzipan fruits: this is an assortment of marzipan that is shaped like a fruit and dyed with natural colours.
  • Saint's bones: Saint's bones are typical of All Saints' Day celebrations. They are made with traditional marzipan in the form of a tube that is filled with egg yolk cream.
  • Huesos de santo con chocolate: this product is made in the same way as the traditional 'saint's bones’ but filled with dark chocolate.
  • Marzipan 'little cheeses' with yolk: the name of this marzipan comes from its similarity to a cheese. Its recipe is based on traditional marzipan filled with egg yolk cream.
  • 'Cádiz bread' marzipan: this sweet is made up of several layers consisting of marzipan, nougat, candied fruit and yolk and sweet potato cream.
  • Marzipan with egg yolk: marzipan wrapped individually and filled with egg yolk cream.

Choose your favourite marzipan and we will deliver it to your home. Enjoying a traditional product has never been so easy.