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The word "guirlache" (brittle) comes from the French "grillage" and refers to something that is toasted.

This product is made with nuts and caramel. The caramel is made with sugar and water. Although almond brittle is the most typical, it can also be made with any other nut. On our website you will find the typical brittle nougat cake or our sweet tooth version, in which we dip the nougat portions in chocolate.

You can purchase different types of nougat from our online shop.

At our online store you will find the most typical formats of brittle nougat, such as cake, bar or small cake.

The best brittle nougat at an inexpensive price.

The main ingredients in this product are: water, sugar and fresh nuts.

To make it, we first pour water and sugar into the pot, thus creating a delicious caramel. Once the caramel has reached the right cooking point, the nuts are added to the pot. This mixture has to be stirred constantly, so that the caramel does not get burned. Once the nuts are roasted and the caramel is golden, it is spread on a marble slab and left to cool.

We have different types of brittle nougat available.

If you were looking for that brittle nougat that reminds you of your childhood at the fairs or popular festivals, then you have come to the right place. All you have to do is choose your favourite flavour and format and we will deliver it to your home. We manufacture all year round, which is why our products are fresh and of the highest quality. From our factory to your table, without intermediaries.