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The recipe for this nougat was created to make the most of the egg yolks that were left over in the manufacture of soft and hard nougat, thus making good use of all the ingredients used in nougat factories. This egg yolk nougat has its origin in Catalonia, in the northeastern part of Spain.

You can buy toasted or non-toasted egg yolk nougat in Sabor a España.

These nougats are created by using the ingredients of the most classic nougats in the factory. They are part part of our wide variety of nougats, together with other classic flavours such as marzipan, candied fruit or coconut nougat.

Almonds are not roasted in their production. Instead, they are used in their natural fresh state. The difference between egg yolk nougat and toasted egg yolk nougat is the layer of burnt sugar that is applied on top of the bar. To burn the sugar on the bar, a special hot plate is used to create a toasted layer on top of the nougat. This process makes the toasted egg yolk nougat taste sweeter.

We have a long-standing experience in selling egg yolk nougat.

Yolk nougat is one of the most popular among our customers, being one of our most widely produced bakery nougats.

From our factory to your home. Our nougats are produced and delivered to your home without intermediaries. This way we ensure that our nougats arrive with the maximum freshness and quality to your home.