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The texture of this candy is soft and has a powerful almond flavor.

For the traditional preparation of this product, almonds and sugar are used as the main elements, and lemon juice and zest are added to complete the blend. This recipe is one of the oldest varieties of nougat and its production is completely handmade.

The reason why it gets its name is that, unlike soft nougat, almonds are raw and therefore their colour is finally lighter.

Marzipan nougat of great quality is available in different types: fruit nougat, pistachio nougat, cream and walnut nougat, with raisins, etc.

All our nougats are handmade, following the recipe of our grandparents. Our entire range carries the seal of supreme quality, which means that we use more than 60% of almonds in each piece.

In this category we can find many nougat products:

  • Fruit nougat: It is a fusion of classic marzipan nougat with candied fruit, and it is made with a variety of ingredients. To the intense flavor of the almond, the freshness of the fruit is added.
  • Cream and walnut nougat: Cream and walnuts are added to marzipan nougat, obtaining a variety of nougat with a very soft and appetizing flavor.
  • In addition, you can find our exclusive range of marzipan nougat with different fruit pieces, such as marzipan nougat with pistachio, strawberry, orange, raisins, blueberries, kiwi or berries.

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