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Its preparation is very similar to that of classic nougat, but its consistency is very different. To make it, honey is first heated in a bain-marie to evaporate the water it contains. Then it is beaten with the egg whites and sugar. When the mixture reaches a thick consistency, it is time to slow down the beater and add the almond and/or fruit it may contain.

You can buy semi-soft nougat in our online shop

If you are looking for the perfect place to buy nougat or semi-soft nougat you are in the perfect place! At Sabor a España we have the widest variety of flavours, from the classic almond nougat to the exclusive tropical fruit nougat.

We have different types of semi-soft nougat available: almond, peanut, hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, etc.

Within this group of products you will also find a wide variety of flavours:

  • Almond nougat: the most classic of our varieties, for which we use only the original ingredients of your recipe.
  • Chocolate-covered almond nougat: ideal for those with a sweet tooth. The nougat pieces are bathed in chocolate to add a sweeter touch.
  • Hazelnut, peanut or pistachio nougat: These different flavours are perfect for nut lovers.
  • Chocolate and almond nougat: A touch of chocolate is added to the base blend.
  • Strawberry or orange and almond nougat: Classic fruits combined with the flavour of this authentic nougat.
  • Tropical fruit or berries and almond nougat: the most exotic of our catalogue.

Without a doubt this range of nougats are among the favorite of the little ones at home.