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Its preparation is very simple and only two ingredients are used: coconut and sugar. To get the true flavour of our coconut nougat that our grandparents used to make, it is very important to use premium quality products.

For the preparation of coconut nougat, first of all we boil the water together with the sugar. Once we have done that, the coconut is added. This fruit is added grated, ensuring a perfect texture for our coconut nougat. The structure of these nougats is similar to that of soft nougats.

To make this nougat the mixture is left to knead on a very low heat in our mills. After enough time has passed for the coconut to be mixed with the sugar, the whole mixture is poured into wooden crates and left to dry for 24 hours, so that the nougat can be cut into pieces of the desired size.

Coconut nougat is ideal for everyone. Its ingredients allow it to be consumed by a wide range of people, including gluten or lactose intolerant and vegan or vegetarian.

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Coconut nougat is very popular among our customers, being one of our most popular bakery nougats.
From our factory to your home. Our nougats are made all year round and delivered to your home without intermediaries. This way we ensure that our nougats arrive with the maximum freshness and quality to your home.