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The production process of sugar-free nougat is the same as that used in other products, except that sugar is replaced by other sweeteners such as maltitol and sorbitol.

It is a mistake to think that sugar-free nougat is light nougat or nougat for slimming.

Sugar-free nougat is the best option for diabetics.

At Sabor a España we have a wide range of sugar-free nougat, satisfying the most demanding palates thanks to the quality of the ingredients. Without a doubt, this is the best option for diabetics. You will not notice the difference!

In our range of sugar-free nougat, you can find different products:

  • Sugar-free soft almond nougat: because of its high content of roasted almonds, we get the authentic taste of soft nougat, keeping the recipe of our grandparents without adding sugar.
  • Sugar-free hard almond nougat: without a doubt, this is one of the most traditional nougats. It is made with almonds and egg whites, following the same recipe step by step, without adding sugar.
  • Sugar-free toasted egg yolk nougat: by mixing yolks and almonds we obtain this traditional nougat and add sweeteners to get that sweet taste.
  • Sugar-free almond nougat: we make our nougat with delicious almonds and the best quality sweetener.
  • Sugar-free chocolate and almond nougat: among our selection of sugar-free nougat, we cannot miss our delicious chocolate nougat. In its preparation we use the traditional recipe without adding sugar.

Discover the true flavour of homemade nougat with no added sugar.

We also have other typical candies of our cuisine available:

  • Sugar-free marzipan figurines: we recreate the traditional recipe for almond paste with no added sugar.
  • Sugar-free almond filled almonds: everyone can enjoy this typical Spanish candy made of wafer and soft almond nougat with no added sugar.