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It is one of the most nutritious nuts and it contains a great number of properties for our body. Some of the most important are its high content in fiber, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and E, healthy fats... Its properties help to strengthen bones and hair, care for the skin and also help in cardiovascular problems, which is why it is the right food to protect the heart.

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Caramelised almonds are a typical candy in Spain. The same recipe is used in each location but with nuances such as the type of almond and sugar, or the cooking point of the syrup. 

However, the production process is simple. It is made from raw almonds to which the caramelised sugar coating is added.

This product's characteristic colour is dark brown, thanks to the caramel that covers it, which also provides the special crunchiness of this candy.

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Almonds have been a very popular nut since ancient times. More than twenty species are known to form two main groups: sweet and bitter almonds. The sweet almond is used for culinary purposes and its delicate and sweet taste combines perfectly with almost all foods, which is why this fruit is used in sweet or salty dishes, such as sauces, pastries, ice cream, salads, etc.