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The benefits they bring us are multiple. For example, almonds are a great source of energy, peanuts can help prevent strokes and walnuts are a good food for controlling cholesterol.

Even though they are already a quite beneficial and attractive snack on their own, these products can be consumed in different ways, such as: toasted, caramelised, in cream, praline... They are also the perfect combination for sweet or savoury dishes.

At Sabor a España we make the most of this great product and improve our recipes. In our range of nuts and dried fruit you will find a section dedicated to these rich foods covered in chocolate.

You can buy chocolate-covered nuts from our online shop.

Chocolate-coated nuts are a delicacy. They are fresh, toasted or caramelised nuts that are covered in chocolate, creating a unique bite. The chocolate in which we cover our nuts can be dark, milk or white chocolate.

You can find different types of chocolate-covered nuts in our online shop:

  • Almonds covered in white chocolate: delicious toasted almonds covered in top quality white chocolate.
  • Peanuts covered in dark chocolate: delicious freshly peeled peanuts covered in dark chocolate.
  • Nuts covered in milk chocolate: delicious fresh half nuts covered in delicious milk chocolate.
  • Three chocolate seeds: caramelised sunflower seeds covered in three chocolates (dark, milk and white)- the perfect assortment!

In this section you can also find the classic sugar-coated almonds. If you don't know them, they are almonds covered in a sugar preserve.

For the best chocolate-covered nuts, just pick your favourite from our catalogue and we will deliver it to your home.