Eucalyptus honey 500 gr

Eucalyptus honey is one of the best known. Its flavor and its benefits make it the ideal product.

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Have you already tried our eucalyptus honey? It is one of the most special honeys; Its orange color, together with its aroma of wet wood and its sweet flavor with a touch of acid make this honey a perfect product. In addition, it is ideal against coughs and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, against diseases such as the flu or the cold.

Nutritional information

Valor energético: 320 Kcal / 1339 Kjul

Grasas: 0 g

de las cuales saturadas: 0 g

Hidratos de carbono: 79,7 g

de los cuales Azúcares: 75,2 g

Fibra: 0 g

Proteínas: 0,3 g

Sal: 2,85 mg

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