Almond sticks with skin 100g

A little bar of hard almond with skin differs with its incredible taste of toasted almonds and the excellent mix of honey and egg white. 

VAT included

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The 100 gramms bar of hard almond nougat is a nougat betting on traditional flavors and, it is also designed for those who like sharing or enjoying  good things at different moments of the day, because its format comes prepared in different portions. In this nougat you will be able to enjoy in a unique way, the mix of almond with toasted skin, honey and sugar, with the egg white. Treat yourself this nougat that will too give to your body the necessary amount of nutritives to make you feel energetic all day long. 

Nutritional information

Energy: 490 Kcal / 2038 Kjul

Total fat: 24,7 g

saturated fat: 1,8 g

Total carbohydrate: 55,8 g

sugars: 28,0  g

Fibre: 4,3 g

Proteins: 11,2 g

Salt: 0,01 g


Sugar, ALMOND, honey, EGG WHITE, and wafer (potato starch)