Peeled almond sticks 100g

The little peeled almond bar is the perfect portion to individually enjoy nougat. 

VAT included

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It is one of the most traditional nougats of Spain. Regarding small peeled almonds cakes, you can enjoy the classic nougat in small portions whenever you want. Its exquisite taste of toasted almonds and the rest of the ingredients such as honey, makes this nougat a unique product. Today, we offer you different formats of hard nougat, even though decades ago, it was sold by weight in markets across the country. If you like yesteryear flavors and prefer too play it safe, do not hesite anymore, this nougat is made for you. 

Nutritional information

Energy: 2233 Kj / 537 Kcal

Total fat: 32,7 g

saturated fat: 2,32 g

Total carbohydrate: 43,5 g

sugars: 14,2 g

Proteins: 17,10 g

Salt: 0,16 g


ALMOND (60%), sugar, honey, EGG WHITE, and wafer (potato starch)