Hard almond (with skin) nougat 300g

Hard almond with skin nougat is made according to the recipe of our nougat-makers masters, giving it a unique taste without losing its tradition. 

VAT included

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This nougat is designed for those who bet on the traditional flavour of always because it is one of the oldest nougats. The master nougat maker at Spanish markets used to cutting this nougat with a hammer and sold it by weight in different sizes. The 300 grams almond with skin nougat is the legacy of the master, as it was the most consumed size in the past and the one we offer you to enjoy today. Choose this nougat if you are one of those who like the good things to last a long time or you think that the best way to enjoy it is to share it with your family.

Nutritional information

Energy: 490 Kcal / 2038 Kjul

Total fat: 24,7 g

saturated fat: 1,8 g

Total carbohydrate: 55,8 g

sugars: 28,0  g

Fibre: 4,3 g

Proteins: 11,2 g

Salt: 0,01 g


Sugar, ALMOND, honey, EGG WHITE, and wafer (potato starch)

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