Top-quality hard almond nougat 100g

One of the most traditional Spanish nougats, the ingredients of hard almond nougat are just almonds, honey and egg white. 

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The 100 grams hard almond nougat is one of the great bestsellers of Sabor a España. Its unique taste of almond, honey, and sugar makes it one of the most appreciated nougats for young and old ones. The properties of the nut are maintained by obtaining the desired toasting point, so in addition to taste, this nougat provides you great health benefits. Its size is perfect and innovative, which makes it the perfect nougat. If you bet on tradition and quality, this nougat is made for you.

Nutritional information

Energy: 523 Kcal / 2188 Kjul

Total fat: 28,8 g

saturated fat: 2,7 g

Total carbohydrate: 51,9 g

sugars: 38,1 g

Proteins: 14,1 g

Salt: 0,10 g


ALMOND (60%), Sugar, Honey, EGG WHITE, and wafer (potato starch) 

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