Hard almond (with skin) nougat 100g

Here is the perfect size for hard almond with skin lovers. Made with almonds, honey and egg white. You will love its crunchy texture ! 

VAT included

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We present the 100-gram almond with skin nougat, one of the nougats combining tradition and innovation, integrating the usual ingredients of the best quality possible, such as honey or egg white, or almonds with peel, so that you can even more enjoy the taste of this so appreciated dry fruit. Its format makes it one of the most special nougats, as it is both perfect to eat on the move and to dose. If you like traditional products, but don't mind trying new flavours, choose this nougat because it is exclusively made for you.

Nutritional information

Energy: 490 Kcal / 2038 Kjul

Total fat: 24,7 g

saturated fat: 1,8 g

Total carbohydrate: 55,8 g

sugars: 28,0  g

Fibre: 4,3 g

Proteins: 11,2 g

Salt: 0,01 g


Sugar, ALMOND, Honey, EGG WHITE, and wafer (potato starch)

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