Caramelised hazelnut 80g

Caramelised hazelnut is one ouf our customer's favorite products, its sweet taste and its crunchy texture make this product a real delight.

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The 80 grams hazelnut praline is one of the most special ones in Sabor a España. For its making process, we choose the hazelnut in the most selective and careful way, to peel after, following the tradition, thus avoiding it to lose its nutritives. This dry fruit also offers great benefits to the health, such as improving elasticity of the blood vessel or helping those who make a physical or mental effort. Once we obtain the toasting point desired, we caramelize the hazelnut, getting this way, a result reaching perfection. 

Nutritional information

Energy: 2280 Kj / 545 kCal

Total fat: 34 g

saturated fat: 2,3 g

Total carbohydrate: 50 g

sugars: 48 g

Proteins: 6,7 g

Salt: 0 


HAZELNUT and sugar.   

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