Caramelised coconut 70g

The classic caramelised nuts products are reinvented, giving way to new flavors. Discover our caramelised coconuts. 

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The 65 grams coconut praline has become the revelation product of this year, in the world of pralines. At Sabor a España, we cut the coconut in short slices, to toast and caramelise it after, getting the texture and taste desired. At Sabor a España, we choose top quality coconut with an exquisite sugar. Its making carries out in a copper bassin, following the recipe of the nougat craftsman. If you are a coconut lover or you're looking for traditional things, but you also like innovating, don't hesitate : coconut praline is the perfect product. 

Nutritional information

Energy: 2276,1 Kj / 544 kCal

Total fat: 36 g

saturated fat: 31,8 g

Total carbohydrate: 57 g

sugars: 48 g

Proteins: 14 g

Salt: 0,02 g


Sugar and dehydrated sliced coconut

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