Natural almond with skin 90g

Our almond with skin is the most natural version of this dry fruit. It will suprise the most demanding palates, thanks to its quality and its taste. 

VAT included

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Did you know the skin of almonds prevents the oxidation of the cholesterol? It is well known the skin of the food provides a large amount of nutriments beneficial to the health, and in the case of almonds with natural skin, no wonder. There you have a 100% natural product, designed for the ones who really want to take care of themselves without stopping to eat what they really like. Those almonds are cultivated and selected with great care, like everything we do at Sabor a España. Its collecting process and its packaging 100% handmade, makes it the perfect product for all types of clients. 

Nutritional information

Energy: 2656 Kj / 635 kCal

Total fat: 57,79 g

saturated fat: 10,95 g

Total carbohydrate: 3,3 g

sugars: 3,2 g

Proteins: 19,39 g

Salt: 0,1 g


ALMOND with skin 

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