Soft nougat 'Delaviuda' 250gr

If you are trying to find your ideal nougat, we recommend this DeLaViuda soft almond nougat, a unique nougat for its flavor and quality, with special recognition. What are you waiting to try it?

VAT included

Shipments to Europe

Nutritional information

Valor energético: 2315 Kj / 557 kCal

Grasas: 39 g

de las cuales saturadas: 4 g

Hidratos de carbono: 30 g

de los cuales Azucares: 27 g

Fibra alimentaria: 7 g

Proteínas: 18 g

Sal: 0,1 g


Selected toasted ALMONDS 67%, Honey 16.4%, Sugar, Stabilizer E-471 and EGG white. May contain traces of other NUTS.