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We are a brand of typical Spanish products with the best quality whose specialties are nougats, brittles and derived from nuts. We are trying to bring back the traditions of our products to those who have forgotten them.


We are a working, familiar, honest and modest family.

All our products have the same goal: to spread in different cities in order to remember the neighbors that the Spanish culinary tradition is healthier, more complete and more appetizing than junk food.

"Always smile, give people the opportunity to try, the same as the typical grand-mother who keeps constantly feeding their grandchildren."


"I started living at fairs in wooden booths with canvas ceiling. I started to earn a living in a booths and I have slept under a counter since the very first day I was born. Everything of this is common for my family, because this is the way of living that we have always been carrying out. I am the fifth generation of the traditional lifelong nougat maker".

Francisco Ramírez Muñoz

Managing Director


Currently we are expanding our shops. In fact, we already have six different shops fully operational.

We are in the center of the most famous cities in Spain and we are looking for the best nooks of each in order to offer this typical product to everyone