Extra Virgin Olive Oil PRIMUM 0.5L

If you have not yet heard of this oil, we present you the best in our range, with a superior supreme quality, this Premium gourmet oil will make you change the way you see culinary cuisine.

VAT included

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Are you looking for the best oil on the market? Stop looking, you just found him. We present you our Primum Extra Virgin olive oil, with a superior supreme quality, it is an oil from the first harvest, the oil that is obtained when the olive is harvested just when its color change. This fact, as well as its quality, make it a unique oil, ideal to enjoy in the most special moments. Treat yourself and get our Primum Extra Virgin olive oil, according to many, the best oil in the world.

Nutritional information

Valor energético: 884 Kcal / 3701,13 Kjul

Grasas: 100 g

de las cuales saturadas:13,808 g

Hidratos de carbono: 0 g

de los cuales Azúcares: 0 g

Fibra: 0 g

Proteínas: 0 g

Sal: 0 g

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