Our history

We are a family company specialized in Spanish traditional products of the highest quality, such as nougats, brittles, and different varieties of nuts, highlighting caramelized nuts. After five generations selling our products from our fair stand in many important national fairs, it was in 2014 when we considered the greatest of challenges: moving this trade to the city centres and trying to adapt it to the current times.

“I began at the fair living in wooden stands with canvas roof. I took my first steps in a booth, and I have been sleeping under a counter from the very first day I was born. This is not something new in my family, since it is the lifestyle, we were used to. I belong to the fifth generation of the traditional ‘Turronero’ – nougat maker” — Francisco Ramírez Muñoz, General Manager.

Our present

Currently, we are right in the middle of our expansion, with more than forty shops around Spain. We are in the heart of the most important cities and our goal is to reach the best locations to share with the whole world our delicious smell, through the live homemade production, which means a first-person experience that reaches the five senses.