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At Sabor a España we take you to bygone Spain through the senses. A Spain of almonds, pine nuts, honey... Smells that are reminiscent of tradition. We just wish to bring you our purest essence, our raw materials. In our online store we offer you handmade gourmet products full of memories of traditional Spain.

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Our brand represents the finest quality Spanish traditional products, and our specialties are nougats, brittles, and dried fruit derivatives. Our aim is to bring you closer to the tradition of our homemade products.

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At Sabor a España we offer the best quality raw materials, together with the production process used in our grandparents' times. We want to bring to you the natural flavour of almonds, chocolate, jam, fig bread... the same way our ancestors did. Remembering Spain is about getting to know the Spain of craftsmanship and traditions. Our products are considered gourmet because of their excellent quality and craftsmanship.

Visit our online store and buy gourmet products in an easy simple way. You will receive them at home quickly. Also visit any of our shops across Spain. We want to bring to you Spanish traditional flavours we are Sabor a España.