Shipping policy

Your orders will be sent to the delivery address facilitated when creating your account, so it is important to pay attention when filling out the registration form.

We ship to all destinations from peninsular Spain. We also make shipments to different countries in Europe, which you can find at the registration form.

How quickly will my order arrive in peninsular Spain?

Transport will be carried out by GLS transport agency, which will make the service within 24/48 hours from our order confirmation after payment has been received. Once the order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email notifying you that the order has been accepted and it is being shipped. You will be sent a tracking code, too.

Local and community holidays must be considered, since they may affect to the order delivery.

Target date of delivery of your order, depending on the day and time you place the order:

    • From Monday to Friday: before 02:00 p.m. the order will be sent the same day.

    • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: the order will be sent on Monday.

    • Public holidays or the eve of a public holiday: if you place an order in a public holiday or the eve of a public holiday, this will leave our facilities on the next working day, and you will receive it in the next 24/48 hours.


There will be no deliveries on Saturdays.

To solve any doubt about the transportation and delivery processes, once you have received the email notification informing you of the change of status of your order to ‘Sent’, you can contact the GLS information phone number, indicating the tracking code. You can do that directly through our contact form.

How soon will my order arrive outside Spain?

    • ALBANIA: 3-4 days

    • GERMANY: 2-3 days

    • AUSTRIA: 2-3 days

    • BELGIUM: 2-3 days

    • BOSNIA: 3-4 days

    • BULGARY: 4-5 days

    • CYPRUS: 5-6 days

    • CROATIA: 3-4 days

    • DENMARK: 2-3 days

    • SLOVAKIA: 3-4 days

    • SLOVENIA: 3-4 days

    • ESTONIA: 4-5 days

    • FINLAND: 4-6 days

    • FRANCE: 1-2 days

    • GREECE: 4-5 days

    • HUNGARY: 2-3 days

    • IRELAND: 3-4 days

    • ICELAND: 3-4 days

    • FAROE ISLANDS: 5 days

    • ITALY: 2-3 days

    • KOSOVO: 4-5 days

    • LATVIA: 4-5 days

    • LITHUANIA: 4-5 days

    • LUXEMBOURG: 4-5 days

    • MALTA: 3-6 days

    • MONTENEGRO: 2-3 days

    • NORWAY: 3-4 days

    • THE NETHERLANDS: 3-4 days

    • POLAND: 2-3 days

    • UNITED KINGDOM: 3-4 days

    • CZECH REPUBLIC: 3-4 days

    • MACEDONIA: 4 days

    • ROMANIA: 3-4 days

What to do if I do not receive my order within the agreed time?

If for reasons of force majeure it is impossible for us to deliver the order within the deadline, the transport agency will contact you to fix a new date. Contact us to resolve this issue through our contact form.

What can I do in case I will not be at the address I previously indicated to receive my order?

In that case, contact GLS to indicate an alternative address. If it is placed within the same distribution area, it will not entail any additional cost. In case it is not, you will have to pay the corresponding charges to the courier.

Return Policy

Online Return

Online customer returns will be accepted within the three days after the customer have received the order. In this instance, you will be charged transport and return costs. Once we receive the product in our facilities, we will proceed with the refund of the order through the same payment method used on your purchase.

In case the product is spoiled or gone off you will receive another one in a period of fifteen calendar days. In that case it is necessary to attach the purchase ticket. 

In any cases the customer must file a complaint to the following email: detailing the causes of the withdrawal and attaching images of the product in the corresponding period.