Box of toasted egg yolk nougat 300g

Toasted egg yolk nougat box is perfect to offer, Surprise your family and friends with a classic sweet made with almonds, sugar and egg yolks. 

VAT included

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We present you the 300 grams toasted egg yolk nougat, a soft nougat made for all kinds of consumers with the unique taste of toasted egg yolk. In the past, egg yolks were thrown away during the preparation of traditional nougat until the master nougat maker had the idea of using these yolks to make a nougat. We went one step further and added a layer of sugar over the yolk nougat, obtaining as a result a unique and special flavour. Its size is perfect to share with someone or enjoy by oneself and its packaging makes it a perfect gift. Discover everything a nougat can offer you.

Nutritional information

Energy: 1972,7 kJ / 471,4 Kcal

Total fat: 24,6 g

saturated fat: 3 g

Total carbohydrate: 52,4 g

sugars: 51,9 g

Proteins: 10,1 g

Salt: 0,1 g


ALMOND, sugar, EGG yolk, and preservatives  (E200, E202)

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