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This recipe was created to preserve the surplus figs produced during the harvest and as a source of energy for farmers.

Nowadays it is a perfect food for athletes, since it is an ideal food to supply some extra energy during training sessions.

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Our wide range of fig bread includes the most traditional flavours, prepared step by step according to our grandparents' recipe.

  • Fig and almond bread: Its preparation consists of 100% natural ingredients only. This combination is the most original recipe. INGREDIENTS: Dried figs (Origin: Spain) 89%, ALMONDS 10%, cinnamon and aniseed.
  • Fig and walnut bread: the combination of fig and walnut makes this recipe a super food. INGREDIENTS: Dried figs (Origin: Spain) 89%, NUTS 10%, cinnamon and aniseed.
  • Mediterranean assorted fig bread: This combination is undoubtedly for those with a sweet tooth. Discover the characteristic flavours of the Mediterranean in a single bite. INGREDIENTS: Dried figs (Origin: Spain) 59%, ALMONDS 15%, DATES 15%, PLUMS 5%, NUECES 5%, cinnamon and aniseed.

In addition, you can find other flavors of this traditional recipe in our online shop, such as:

  • Apricot and almond bread
  • Date and almond bread