Who are we?

Sabor a España is a brand of traditional high quality Spanish products. We are master nougat, as well as brittle and dried fruit derivate makers, who try to bring the tradition of our products back to a public that had forgotten about it.

What are we like?

Hard work and honesty are values of our family-run business. All our products have one thing in common - they are sold in towns and cities to remind their people that Spain's food tradition is much healthier, more nutritious and tastier than ready-made food.

Always smile, always offer food sampling, like a grandma who keeps feeding her grandchildren

Our past

I started up at fairs, living in wooden huts with canvas roofs; that’s where I took my first steps, in a hut and sleeping under a counter since the day I was born... That’s not surprising in my family at all, since it is the lifestyle we’ve all had. I'm the fifth generation of lifelong nougat makers.

Francisco Ramírez Muñoz Director General

Our present

We are currently expanding our trade and have fourteen fully operational stores. We moved to the town center of the most emblematic Spanish towns and looked for the best spots in each one of them to offer our most typical products.