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Honey is used all over the world as a natural sweetener. It provides many benefits to our body, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, so it is highly recommended to include them in our diet.

Bees are in charge of manufacturing honey, and they produce this product by collecting nectar from flowers and sweet secretions from living parts of plants and insects. They then add their own specific substances until they make the honey, which they will store in the wax combs so that it matures.

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  • FOREST HONEY: This honey has a dark colour and is produced by bees all over the Iberian Peninsula, except in coastal areas. It is obtained mainly from the leaves of oak trees, holm oaks, chestnut trees, pine-trees, hazelnut trees and bushes.
  • ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY: It comes from the nectar of the pollen of lemon trees, orange trees, mandarins, clementines, that is to say, all citrus fruits in general. This honey is typical of the Mediterranean region, where these flowers are most abundant.
  • ROSEMARY HONEY: This honey is probably the best known. The taste of this honey is sweet, but only in the right measure. It is therefore very suitable for cooking recipes.
  • EUCALYPTUS HONEY: This type of honey is made from the eucalyptus flower. It has a dark colour, with an ochre tone and a strong balsamic smell and a characteristic wooden flavour.
  • MIXED-FLOWER HONEY: This honey comes from several flowers, so the colour and flavour vary depending on the flower it contains and the time of year it has been harvested.

Pure honey, totally handmade and with an exquisite sweetness.

At Sabor a España we use no supplements to adulterate our honey, so you can consume pure, homemade honey.

A test that does not fail when checking if our honey is 100% pure, is the crystallization of this. If the honey meets the requirements to be a pure honey, it will crystallize over time, becoming a more solid mass. If, on the contrary, the honey is adulterated it will remain in a liquid state like the first day.