Thyme honey 500 gr

Thyme honey is a classic. With unmistakable tones and its many properties you will not find another honey like this one.

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Here you have our thyme honey, a honey obtained from the nectar of the thyme flower. It is a unique honey, which has a light amber color, a floral aroma and a sweet taste with a certain acid component. Thyme honey is recommended for its many benefits, including its disinfectant capacity (as a consequence of its phenolic components) or its action as a natural antioxidant.

Nutritional information

Valor energético: 320 Kcal / 1339 Kjul

Grasas: 0 g

de las cuales saturadas: 0 g

Hidratos de carbono: 79,7 g

de los cuales Azúcares: 75,2 g

Fibra: 0 g

Proteínas: 0,3 g

Sal: 2,85 mg

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